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HA22x7.8 BERD + Remotes used / occasion

HD 2/3" ENG long Lens with extender

+ Focus EPD-1C and zoom ERD-22

3 months warranty

we also have : FUJI UA24x7.8 BERD-S6 with servo zoom and focus

FUJI HA14X4.5 BERD-S6B with servo zoom and focus

FUJI HA15x8 BEVM-G28 with servo zoom and focus

FUJI ZA12x4.5 BERD-S58 with servo zoom and focus


Warranty 3 Month
Condition : Used
Shipping Worldwide
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HA22x7.8 BERM-M58 HA22x 7.8 BERM M58 fujinon fuji

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