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RED EPIC X DRAGON 6K Used / Occasion

RED EPIC-X DRAGON 6K, 1260 hrs

PL & EF mount

RED DMSC Side Handle

Quad Battery Module

Wooden camera top plate

Wooden camera EVF mount

Wooden camera Riser

A-box Audio module

Stock: 4x 64Gb

1x 128GB

Ask for full details and pictures

ps : can be also provided (contact for extra-price) :

Set Red Primes Metric 25mm, 35mm 50mm 85mm, 100mm

Red Prime Imperial 18mm

Garantie : 3 Mois
Condition : Occasion
Livraison Monde entier
15 500,00 €
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18600 € TTC

red epic-x dragon epic 6K

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