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Cold studio fluo lighting 2 tubes 110W FL110

The BBS Flow Light 110 will give you all the light you need for your studio shootings.       

This light is cold and based on 2 OSRAM Tubes of 55 W each so that makes a 110 W total light power.      

The tube life is very long (up to 8000 hours by pressing on/off 3 days a day) economic and easy to set up.   

Fitted with a tripod which can goes up to 2,56m, it is the economic and easiest lighting solution.


The KIT includes :

  • 1 fluo studio lighting 110W
  • 1 tripod

Warranty 1 Year
Condition : New
Shipping Worldwide



Price excluding V.A.T
274 € Inc. V.A.T

Cold studio fluo lighting 2 tubes 110W FL110

Technical details :

Number of tubes: 2          

Kind of lights: Fluorescent tubes (cold lights)

Watts/tube : 55 W         

Total power of tubes: 110 W        

Color temperature: 5400 K        

Voltage: 220 V        

Switch ON/OFF for each tube             

Brand of the tubes: OSRAM         

Brightness adjustment: manually


Tripod BBS-806: 

Maximum high of tripod: 2, 56 m

Length of the tripod folded up: 98cm

Minimum high: 1, 09 m

Weight of the tripod: 2, 01 kg

Capacity of maximum load: 6kg

Diameter of the tube: 34,5mm

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