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Arri Alexa XT Plus Used / Occasion


Operational hours:   2700H

Alexa XT Plus Camera Body K 1.71150.0

Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 K2.72008.0

Internal ND Kit

ARRI XR Single Dock USB 3.0 Reader CDX-75112  SN00421525

1x 512GB X SSDs (CODEX)

Base Plate BP-12 K2.72004.0

Wedge Adaptor WA-1 K2.72002.0

Bridge Plate Adaptor BPA-1 K2.72001.0

Base Plate Adaptor BPA-2 K2.66172,0

Bebob Hotswap V-Lock Battery Mount ML120ALEX

Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-3 K2.74001.0

Camera Center Handle CCH-1 K2.72007.0

Handle Extension Block HEB-2 K2.72015.0

Shoulder Pad SP-3 K2.72005.0

ARRI Alexa Antenna K.05.20112.0

Viewfinder Cable Short K2.72012.0

Viewfinder Cable Medium K2.72013.0

Arri AlexaEthernet Cable K2.72021.0

3 pin XLR to 5pin XLR

2 pin Lemo to 4pin XLR Spiral Cable

Flight Case: ARRI Alexa

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Warranty 3 Month
Condition : Used
Shipping Worldwide
Price excluding V.A.T
31800 € Inc. V.A.T

Arri Alexa XT Plus Used / Occasion

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